Agro Electronics Division


The Electronics Division kicked off its operations in 1981, --the year of formation of the Company -- and has notched up many credits in the last decades.

The operations started with the Electronic Milk Tester, under technical collaboration with A/S Foss Electric of Denmark, and assembly of Electronic Milk Tester (EMT) in SKD form, from kits supplied by the collaborator, initially.

The Company has rapidly absorbed and assimilated the technology, successfully indigenised the product, and in response to customer requirements, designed it on micro-controller technology to suit the needs of the Indian customers. Thus, the auto-zero EMT was introduced in the market in the year 1990.

The Company has also successfully integrated the products into a more versatile system, developed in-house through it own development efforts, called the Milk Collection Station.

Agro Electronics Division

The Company has a state-of-art manufacturing facility at its works, for electronic products. The plant is equipped with modern Wave Soldering Machine equipment including component pre-processing systems, automatic & semi-automatic component insertion machines, Wave Soldering machine, Automatic Cleaning System, Advanced Testing equipment, Fault locators, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Soldering/De-Soldering Stations.

In order to maintain appropriate temperature levels, clean conditions and uninterrupted power supply, the plant is equipped with centralized Air conditioning systems, air shower and over 500 KVA of DG capacity installed at the premises. The department is also equipped with facility for undertaking manufacturing of products under anti-static environment.

Manufacturing Machines Component Insertion Machines

Life Testing MachineThe manufacturing facility is complemented by the Quality Assurance department equipped with a wide range of test and measuring equipment including IC testers, LCR bridges, digital storage oscilloscopes frequency projector stereoscopic microscope, 3-D Co-Ordinates measuring machine, product life testing machines and environment chamber.

Quality Assurance Group is also equipped with test & measurement facility for Rural Automatic Exchange sub-assemblies, used in communication sector.

The Marketing Department undertakes direct marketing of its products from Head Quarters and offices at seven locations all over the country.

The company's After-Sales-Service network operates from its Field Maintenance Centres and site offices located all over the country. It is geared up to extend on-site support even at the remote villages, inaccessible by the public means of transport.

The Department also undertakes the Export Marketing of its products and has customers in the neighbouring countries.

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Electronic Milk Tester (EMT)

Data Processor-cum-Electronic Milk Tester (DP-EMT)

Milk Collection Station (MCS)
Personal Computer based Milk Collection Station (PC-MCS)
Smart Automatic Milk Collection Station (SAMCS)
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