REIL Introduction

Information Technology division is instrumental for developing the software required by the various departments of the company and is also engaged in providing turnkey solutions to outside customers especially in the area of Image processing and customized software solutions.

 Other activities include Education and Training programs in the field of computer software, and shortly, is beginning development programs on the INTERNET related technologies / Web Page Design. The Company has also pioneered the integrated use of Smart card technology in Rural Electronics applications. The project of Smart card based Driving License and Registration Certificates for the state of Rajasthan is also under progress.

The company has extended its expertise and experience gained in the development of electronic products to design & development of Single Phase and Three Phase Electronic Energy Meters under its newly formed Industrial Electronics Division.

Human Resource Profile

The human resources are a major asset of an organization and REIL is no exception. The Company employs around 239 personnel in the organization. It has on its rolls, Graduate Engineers, Engineer-MBA, Chartered Accountants, Diploma Holders, skilled Technicians and the supporting staff. The Company encourages interaction among its staff and has a good record of industrial relationship and harmony.

Financial Health

The Company has an authorized capital of Rs. 1,500 Lacs (US$ 2.16 Million approx.) and and a paid-up capital of Rs 1,225 Lacs (US$ 1.77 Million approx.). The Company has recorded a turnover of Rs. 2,7129 Lacs (US$ 39.24 Million approx.) for the financial year ended 31st March, 2019.