Information Technology Division
The Company has an experience of over ten years in the Information Technology sector. The Company has a full-fledged Computer Group in its Electronics & Information Technology Division to undertake development of application software for business purposes and in-house use; provide training to the end-users; acquisition of the required computer systems; and creation of the complementing infrastructure.


The Company has over 125 nos. IBM PC-compatible systems including Pentium-II based servers & nodes, Pentium MMX systems with multimedia capability, PC-486/386/AT systems, and over 50 nos. of printers including HP LaserJet Printers, HP InkJet Printers, and high speed Dot Matrix Printers, HP Color Scanner running under Win NT Server, Win98/Win95/Win3.1/MSDOS environment.

IT Division Lab

The business areas includes development for business & instrumentation applications, and Web-sites on the Internet. The Company undertakes development on MS Visual Studio environment, Win NT Server, Oracle and Internet technologies and tools such as MS FrontPage.


The Company has an air-conditioned Computer Center with a carpet area of over 3000 sq. ft. and equipped with 7 KVA UPS capacity for undertaking the processing work.


The Company has a team of over 10 young engineers/professionals with a wide variety of experience including Hardware installation, commissioning, maintenance, electronic data-processing, system study, system analysis, design, software development, training and project implementation. The Company also does all the maintenance work in-house.


The Company has solely relied on its in-house capabilities to undertake all the above mentioned activities. The Company is now further growing by way of sharing its in-house experience in the area of automation, and project execution on turnkey basis.

The Company has also strengthened it's conventional Agro dairy line of products with the powers of IT, both at the Dairy level and the Village Milk Cooperative Society level. By embedding the RS232 interface in the EMT and getting the corresponding weight from OEM equipments, the Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD) software under Windows NT at Dairies and the Society Accounts Management Software (SAMS) under DOS and Windows 9X at Society level are developed.


The Smart card based identification and transaction recording systems are developed for DPMCS, DPEMT, SAMS, Attendance Management System etc.

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