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 26 November, 2019

REIL Organised the Constitution Day

 Constitution Day of India was organized on 26 November 2019 at Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited, Jaipur today. Managing Director Dr. A. K. Jain read the Preamble of the Constitution before all the employees at 11 A.M., which was followed by them.


On this occasion, Dr. Jain said that the Constitution of the world's largest democracy was adopted on this day. For this reason, today is celebrated as Constitution Day. Today is the 70th anniversary of Constitution Day.


Dr. Jain said that the purpose of celebrating Constitution Day is to spread its importance. The basic basis of the success of the Indian Constitution is to try to give representation to every small and large section of Indian society in the Constituent Assembly. The Indian Constitution provides fundamental rights to every citizen of the Country as well as explains their basic duties. The Constitution is generally a collection of rules, laws and regulations that guide the administration of any Country by which it provides the framework and guidelines for political processes, principles and the role of the common man.


On this occasion of organizing Constitution Day, Dr. Jain also informed that this program is being celebrated with full enthusiasm in the undertaking REIL under which it is being organized in all Regional Offices as well as the headquarters. Various types of programs like debate competition and interactive interactive session for male & female are being organized on this occasion. On this occasion, he also wished all employees of REIL.